6 Steps to Execution Excellence

At Madwire, our standard is execution excellence.  We accept nothing less in every aspect of how we manage our business, work for clients, and behave as a staff.

But execution excellence is not something that just happens.  You build towards it in a succession of steps, what Seth Godin calls the hierarchy of success.

Here is how Madwire builds towards execution excellence.  Consider these steps in your own journey towards high-level execution.


Madwire’s attitude and sense of purpose are built on the entrepreneurial spirit.  We are a company started by entrepreneurs that serves entrepreneurs.

We admire the risks and energy of entrepreneurship.  We started out with a handful of people and grew this company into a team of over 300.

We’re proud to provide great jobs for our people and fuel the local economy as a Fort Collins, Colorado marketing agency.

We are also proud to offer marketing services to over 4000 entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small business that account for over 30k jobs nation wide.

We don’t just believe that SMB entrepreneurship is the life-blood of the American economy.  We live it.


Madwire is a team-oriented company.  Our approach is built on collaboration and mutual support, flavored with some competitive spirit.

We all work together in the same Fort Collins office.  No outsourcing, and limited remote work.  We believe that being together keeps communication tight and encourages creative collaboration.

The staff at Madwire is allowed to pursue training and work that is a best fit for them individually.  If someone feels burnt-out or is struggling in one role, we encourage them to learn something new where they can refresh their contribution.

As an internet marketing agency, we all constantly train and self-educate.  As the digital terrain changes, we strive to keep ourselves and our clients one step ahead.


Our goal is to be the best digital marketing agency serving the SMB space in the world.  We fill the need that individual entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small businesses have for robust yet affordable digital marketing services.

We plan to fill that gap in every business vertical where our solution is a fit.


Our strategy is built around having powerful, intuitive marketing software that centralizes the varied digital marketing platforms, then to combine that with human expertise by providing a dedicated marketing executive for each client.

Much of our competition does one or the other.  They have software with minimal support, or a consultant duct-taping together various tools.  Too confusing, with too little communicative support.

We believe in the power of marketing and advertising.  Today, if you know who your trying to reach and have a product they need, we know you can be successful.


Tactically, we have our team of digital marketing experts doing design, copywriting, data analysis, video production, reputation management, and search marketing, combined with our Marketing 360® marketing software.

Marketing 360® is a unified platform for SEO, PPC, website management, review tracking, task assignment, data gathering, social media management, and CRM.

In the world of complicated marketing tactics, Marketing 360® is remarkably simple.  It’s a living report on marketing results you can check anytime you want.

Execution (Excellence)

The result of all these steps is execution excellence.

We are, simply put, the most communicative marketing firm you’ll find.  Our marketing executives are always on the phone, working with clients.  If you call and your marketing executive isn’t at her desk, her desk partner will pick-up.  We don’t believe in voice mail and try to avoid it.

Working on Marketing 360®, we build paid search campaigns, build websites, write SEO copy, post on social media, create videos, and track results.

When we find a marketing channel that isn’t working well, we test things to find a better way.  When we find one that’s working great, we focus more resources on it.

We resolve problems fast, but even more we strive to recognize and deal with issues before they even become a problem.

And we circle back to our purpose.  We want you, the client, to be as successful as possible with your business.  It’s the reason for execution excellence.

Entrepreneurship is an exciting journey.  We know because we live it.  By following these steps, we find it a remarkably fulfilling life to live.  Every client that joins us on that journey fulfills a tremendous purpose:  the joy of doing work your proud of.

That’s Madwire.