Ask Your Customer for Honest Reviews

When you’re collecting online reviews, you probably feel you should be asking for good reviews only.  Instead, ask for honest reviews and look at any negative comments as a way to improve your service.

It’s easy to see negative online reviews as wart to be removed.  What could possibly be good about a negative response to your business?

True, you don’t want somebody ripping your business unfairly.  But there is something about constructive criticism, not the least of which is that it makes your review profile look realistic.

Online consumers are often wary of businesses with overwhelming positive scores and comments. Cynical bunch that we are, we assume that every business makes occasional errors.

Furthermore, we know that if you actually have the public reviewing your business, you’ll occasionally get someone who complains no matter what.  If you have more than just a handful of reviews, there’s likely to be one from a person who’s expectations simply weren’t aligned with what you offer.

So ask for honest reviews with the assumption that your service is strong enough that most of reviews will be good.

If you’re getting too many that are lies or slander, try using reputation management software that allows you to quarantine illegitimate reviews.

Address legitimate errors by contacting the reviewer and making amends.  Then improve your process so it won’t be repeated.

It’s said that an error doesn’t become a mistake unless you refuse to correct it.  Minimize mistakes, and your online reviews will be honest and helpful for you and your customers.