Commerce’s Catch-22

There is a Catch-22 in business and sales. It has to do with lies of omission:  when information is left out to foster a misconception or to hide something that might cause doubt. In an ideal world, there would be … Continued

Madwire Media Reviews: How PBR Went Retro-Chic

Once only the beer of the working-class hero popping bottles open as an after work ritual, Pabst Blue Ribbon beer shows how cheap and humble can market as retro-chic. A recent article in the Washington Post confirms what you might … Continued

Madwire Reviews: The Progressive Marketing Tactic

Marketing with a conscious…can it ever overcome our cynicism? It starts with positive intentions.  Starbucks tried it with their “Race Together” campaign, meant to get patrons rushing to their morning caffeine fix to discuss the serious issue of race relations. … Continued

The Power of Social Proof #FOMO

I’m a fan of Rush, the progressive rock trio from Toronto. Rush is currently on a 40th anniversary tour of North America, one they’ve announced may be their last. Unfortunately, I’m going to be out of town when they come … Continued

Referencing Our Blogs to Death

Are we referencing, infographing, and percentaging our online writing to death? I recently commented on how blog writers go for excessive length as they try to hit the 1500-2000 word count many digital marketers believe is optimal for SEO. Consistent … Continued

Word of Mouse Eats The Big Mac

Today, people spreading the word – with the click of a mouse – is vital to business growth. What’s happened to McDonald’s? Into the turn of the millennia, they were the unassailable fast food giant.  Billions of burgers sold, creating … Continued

SEO Be Damned: Keep It Short

I’ll try to keep this short. Even though I’m writing, in part, to help our website’s SEO.  And according to studies, if SEO is your goal, blog posts should be 1500-2000 words.  Apparently this gives the algorithm more language to … Continued

A Reflection on Goals, Focus, and Achievement

I recently came across several references to a Harvard MBA study that emphasizes the importance of setting and writing down goals.  The study showed that students who wrote down specific goals were far more successful in later life. Only problem … Continued

The Beauty of What Might Not Work

We have a designer at Madwire media who’s initial reviews were not good.  He was, at first, the guy nobody wanted to work with. Not because he wasn’t pleasant.  A nice guy with a quirky sense of humor. And not … Continued