Madwire’s Content Marketing Mission Statement

Madwire is where local SMBs and entrepreneurial start-ups find online lead-generation, sales, website conversion and advertising tips that directly impact their revenue and profitability. Madwire is where small businesses find tips and ideas on how to achieve and measure direct … Continued

Referencing Our Blogs to Death

Are we referencing, infographing, and percentaging our online writing to death? I recently commented on how blog writers go for excessive length as they try to hit the 1500-2000 word count many digital marketers believe is optimal for SEO. Consistent … Continued

Beware of Shiny Tomatoes When Marketing Online

Marketing, traditionally, has a lot to do with gloss.  You want to make something look appealing, fresh, and new so it sells.  However, marketing doesn’t always get it right.  Sometimes the gloss diminishes quality, and that can cost you later.  … Continued

Don’t Close the Deal on Customer Relationships

Coffee is for closers! You may remember this line from the diminishing speech Alec Baldwin lays on the sales staff in the film Glengary Glen Ross. The attitude is typical hard sales of the past.  You close deals, period.  ABC.  … Continued

Content Marketing: It’s No Joke

Content marketing is the creation of editorial, entertaining, useful content meant to drive awareness, increase credibility, and generate sales for a businesses. It’s the marketing strategy de jour, with everyone from plumbers to major brands feeling they must market “content” … Continued