Madwire’s Content Marketing Mission Statement

Madwire is where local SMBs and entrepreneurial start-ups find online lead-generation, sales, website conversion and advertising tips that directly impact their revenue and profitability. Madwire is where small businesses find tips and ideas on how to achieve and measure direct … Continued

6 Steps to Execution Excellence

At Madwire, our standard is execution excellence.  We accept nothing less in every aspect of how we manage our business, work for clients, and behave as a staff. But execution excellence is not something that just happens.  You build towards … Continued

So Simple It’s Self-Explanatory

In the marketing world, we communicate.  We explain, answer, and review. A product is developed, and we communicate about that product.  We create a service, and explain how the service benefits you. But this is changing in the digital economy. … Continued

Fishing Tales

I have a friend who’s originally from Cuba who says Cubans are the ultimate weavers of fishing tales.  In other words, nobody ever caught a tiny fish in Cuba. Fisherman exaggerating the size of their catch is axiomatic.  The one … Continued

The Power of Anchoring: Madwire Media Reviews Fargo

At the beginning of the film Fargo, written and directed by the Cohen brothers, this statement appears: The movie tells the tale of Jerry Lundegaard, an ordinary man in such desperate financial straits he hires the kidnapping of his own … Continued

The Value of a Balanced Argument

It’s hard to convince someone to take your side by taking sides. Think about it.  How often do you win an argument and have it end with:  “I was wrong.  You’ve changed my mind.” ? When it happens, everyone’s surprised. … Continued

A Learning Experience – Madwire Media Reviews

“Well, we came out and did our best.”  “We didn’t make our goals, but it was a learning experience.” As a business person, how often to you say one of these phrases? Because if you’re saying them too often for … Continued

Commerce’s Catch-22

There is a Catch-22 in business and sales. It has to do with lies of omission:  when information is left out to foster a misconception or to hide something that might cause doubt. In an ideal world, there would be … Continued