Fishing Tales

I have a friend who’s originally from Cuba who says Cubans are the ultimate weavers of fishing tales.  In other words, nobody ever caught a tiny fish in Cuba. Fisherman exaggerating the size of their catch is axiomatic.  The one … Continued

The Power of Anchoring: Madwire Media Reviews Fargo

At the beginning of the film Fargo, written and directed by the Cohen brothers, this statement appears: The movie tells the tale of Jerry Lundegaard, an ordinary man in such desperate financial straits he hires the kidnapping of his own … Continued

Marketing to the Damned

In early adolescence, I was both terrified and intrigued by the British rock band Iron Maiden.   In the halls of suburban middle school, urban legends ran amok about the band’s Satanic affiliations and powers, personified by the band’s mascot, … Continued