Marketing to the Damned

In early adolescence, I was both terrified and intrigued by the British rock band Iron Maiden.   In the halls of suburban middle school, urban legends ran amok about the band’s Satanic affiliations and powers, personified by the band’s mascot, … Continued

A Learning Experience – Madwire Media Reviews

“Well, we came out and did our best.”  “We didn’t make our goals, but it was a learning experience.” As a business person, how often to you say one of these phrases? Because if you’re saying them too often for … Continued

Are Word-of-Mouth Referrals All You Think They Are?

For local businesses, it’s a virtual mantra that word-of-mouth referrals are marketing gold.  But are they happening in the way you think they are? You do a great job for a new client.  Everything smooth as butter. The job ends, … Continued

My New Madwire Review is Already Outdated!

Just a couple of years ago some designers showed what they called mobile responsive website design.  They did a demo that showed how a website would automatically reformat for the size screen it displayed on. Just like magic.  Wow, that’s … Continued

The Ultimate Review

There is an urban legend in marketing about a guy who went into a final round of interviews for a management job with Coke.  At the lunch meeting, he ordered a Pepsi. He didn’t get hired. Today, people of all … Continued

How to Avoid the Review Skew

A few bad reviews can do a lot of reputation damage to a good company.  Here’s some considerations that will help you avoid a skewed image on review websites. Here are some numbers for you: Say you worked with 10,000 … Continued

Ask Your Customer for Honest Reviews

When you’re collecting online reviews, you probably feel you should be asking for good reviews only.  Instead, ask for honest reviews and look at any negative comments as a way to improve your service. It’s easy to see negative online … Continued