The Value of a Balanced Argument

It’s hard to convince someone to take your side by taking sides. Think about it.  How often do you win an argument and have it end with:  “I was wrong.  You’ve changed my mind.” ? When it happens, everyone’s surprised. … Continued

Commerce’s Catch-22

There is a Catch-22 in business and sales. It has to do with lies of omission:  when information is left out to foster a misconception or to hide something that might cause doubt. In an ideal world, there would be … Continued

Madwire Reviews: The Progressive Marketing Tactic

Marketing with a conscious…can it ever overcome our cynicism? It starts with positive intentions.  Starbucks tried it with their “Race Together” campaign, meant to get patrons rushing to their morning caffeine fix to discuss the serious issue of race relations. … Continued

A Reflection on Goals, Focus, and Achievement

I recently came across several references to a Harvard MBA study that emphasizes the importance of setting and writing down goals.  The study showed that students who wrote down specific goals were far more successful in later life. Only problem … Continued

Madwire Reviews: Deep Learning Computers

Do you sit in front of a computer for your job?  Reading, writing, analyzing, programming?  In less than a decade you may be out of job. I’ve just learned very soon, a computer will be able to write this article. … Continued