The Ultimate Review

There is an urban legend in marketing about a guy who went into a final round of interviews for a management job with Coke.  At the lunch meeting, he ordered a Pepsi.

He didn’t get hired.

Today, people of all walks are reviewing everything from toothpaste to lawyers.  Business websites are so concerned with social proof they splatter their design with pictures of their customers, extorting the virtues of their products.

Businesses hire people from Indonesia to write reviews of services they’ve never used in a country they’ve never visited.

Everything is rated and put into lists.  5 star hotels in San Fransisco.  Top 10 ways you can stay lazy and still lose weight.

Success is perpetual.  Our success equals your success.  Perhaps the most overused motto in the last decade.  We care about your profit because without it you can’t pay for our services.

We’re not honest with ourselves.  Google did a study which showed 13% of people admitted to searching for porno online.  They also know from their own statistics that porno related searches are the most queried on search.

Try reviewing your own business.  Honestly.  Do you use your products?  Would you buy what you’re selling?

If you’re trying to get a job with Coke but prefer Pepsi, you’re missing a major aspect of career satisfaction.

Steve Jobs put it well:

The only way to do great work is to love what you do.

That is perhaps the ultimate review.