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About Us

Madwire’s brands — Marketing 360®, Websites 360® and Top Rated Local® — enable SMBs to do everything from building a website, to accepting payments, managing leads and customers, appointments, online reviews, social media, business listings, content marketing, multi-channel digital advertising campaigns and more.

Madwire® was founded in 2009 with the mission of enriching communities by helping small businesses grow and their local communities glow. Madwire® is headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado.


The Madwire® Mission

Our mission is to help small businesses grow and their local communities glow. We believe in marketing, we believe in entrepreneurship, and we believe small businesses are the lifeblood of our communities. If you have that spirit and you’re working hard to run your own business, we believe in you. We want you to succeed and we know our marketing solutions will help you connect with your customers.

Madwire® Was Established in 2009

Since that 2-man start, we’ve created…


Fuel your brand® with the #1 marketing platform® for small business


Fuel your brand® with the #1 website platform® for small business


We rank businesses near you based on their overall Rating Score®

…and have grown to over 500 people strong


We have people from all over the country

We are headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado

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We’re a family-run business that keeps relationships personal


Meet Viz, our mascot. He's a red panda.

  • Madwire® epitomizes our Colorado home

Madwire® Epitomizes Our Colorado Home

We’re motivated, hard-working and tough. We’re also compassionate and fun-loving. Our work supports strong communities, close families, and of course, successful businesses. We love Mad™. We love what we do. It’s true.

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