Our Leadership Team

As with any team or organization, in order to be successful and truly build a championship team, it takes great leadership. Madwire's leadership team is comprised of individuals that uphold themselves and their team to the highest standard...execution excellence. See below for a list of active Madwire leaders.

Executives & Directors

Joe Kellogg

Co-Founder, Co-CEO

JB Kellogg

Co-Founder, Co-CEO

Jerry Kelly

Chief Marketing Officer

Matt Bryson


Amanda Hoffman

Chief Operations Officer

Brian Kelly

General Counsel

Ryan Grokulsky

Chief Innovation Officer

Matt Hertzfeldt

Chief Experience Officer

David Jones

Chief Information Security Officer

Dan Isaacs

Chief Brand Officer

Adam Moore

Chief Product Officer

David Wood

Chief Technology Officer

Luke Barnes

Chief Sales Officer

Andy Baird

Chief Product Development Officer

Stuart Frazier

VP of Customer Success

Jessica White

VP of Operational Excellence

Josh Bacon

VP of Automation & Integration

Devin Davis

Co-Director of Business Analysis

Farra Lanzer

Director of PR & Community Relations

Shania Buchanan

Director of Content Marketing

Kelsey Darnell

Director of Onboarding Experience

Dennis Porter

Director of Payment Services

Audriana Talamantes

Director of Payment Sales

Sierra Palmer

Director of Human Resources

Kait Weagraff

Director of Billing

Kyle Romberg

Director of Ad Management

Brittany Jackson

Director of Creative

Andrew Elkins

Director of Partnership Marketing

Cassidy Lundmark

Director of Marketing

Chad Salz

Director of Marketing

Hannah Johns

Director of Marketing

Madison Heginbotham

Director of Marketing

Melanee Rossman

Director of Marketing

Brandon Tordik

Director of Sales

Matthew Holzapfel

Director of Sales

Tootie Close


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