Drive Law Firm Leads With the #1 Marketing Platform® for Attorneys

In most places, people have many attorneys and law firms to choose from when they need legal representation. In order to get in front of them and get them to choose you, your law firm needs modern marketing solutions.

The Marketing 360® law firm marketing platform has everything an attorney needs to manage and grow their law firm.

This includes marketing tools and software for lawyers that prefer DIY marketing, as well as a talented team of Marketing Success Managers, Content Marketing Specialists, Designers, Ad Specialists, Video Pros and other marketing professionals standing by ready to help you get it right.

In this blog, we're going to cover five key ways that attorneys can drive leads and grow their law firm with Marketing 360’s all-in-one lawyer marketing platform.

5 ways to drive law firm leads with Marketing 360®

#1. Build a law firm website designed for lead generation

Your law firm website is one of the most important marketing assets you have. It’s your home online and where most people will go to learn more about your background, practice areas and rates, and it’s often the first impression leads and customers will get of your business.

But, here’s the thing. Not all law firm web designs are equally effective. If you want to build a website that’s a lead-generation powerhouse for your law firm, you need Marketing 360.

The Marketing 360 Websites app is a website builder that’s quick and easy to use, even if you have no previous web design experience. Just choose a template from our library of law firm web design templates, customize it for your firm and publish.

You also have the option to work with our professional team of Designers who can bring your vision for your website to life.

#2. Get in front of people searching for law firm services on Google and Bing

Not every law firm lead will be ready to book a service right away. But, people actively searching for your legal services online are highly likely to convert. To attract these high-quality law firm leads, you need to rank as high as possible on search engines.

The right law firm SEO (search engine optimization) and content marketing strategy is a critical part of organic visibility on Google and Bing. And, Marketing 360 can help.

The Marketing 360 Content app allows attorneys to monitor their organic performance with easy-to-read reports. By monitoring the right KPIs (key performance indicators), you can make sure your SEO and content marketing is on track and driving the results you want.

In addition to helping you monitor your organic performance, Marketing 360 also gives you access to a team of Content Marketing Specialists who can help you maximize your organic success.

#3. Capture market share with multi-channel advertising

When it comes to legal representation, in most communities, people have many attorneys and law firms to choose from. To win law firm leads that would otherwise go to your competitors, you need to build a stand-out presence wherever your client base is spending their time online.

With multi-channel advertising, law firms can increase their visibility on channels most popular with their clients, including Facebook, YouTube, Google and beyond. Marketing 360 can help you make the most of multi-channel advertising for your law firm.

The Marketing 360 Ads app allows you to monitor your advertising campaigns across multiple channels from a single dashboard, helping you make the most of multi-channel advertising for your firm.

Marketing 360 can also help law firms drive exclusive leads through Google Local Services Ads, and the best part is that, with LSA, you only pay for qualified leads.

Last but not least, Marketing 360 gives law firms access to dedicated Ad Specialists who can help you maximize your performance and ROI.

#4. Create valuable community connections on social media

Social media may not be the first channel many law firms turn to, but it’s where most people are spending their time online these days. Furthermore, many people use social media to find new brands and local businesses, like law firms.

Not all law firm social media marketing strategies are made equal. You can’t just create a Facebook Business Page and hope to stand out. You need to build an active, engaged social media presence, and Marketing 360 can help.

The Marketing 360 Social app allows law firms to save time and stay active on multiple social media profiles — all from one place. You can schedule out social media posts for the day, week or month, as well as monitor your social media management performance.

In addition to social media management software, Marketing 360 also gives you access to a dedicated Social Media Manager who can help you master social media for your law firm.

#5. Build a more visible local presence

When people in your area need legal services, you want to be either the first law firm they think of or the first law firm they find online. To do that, you need to build a more visible local presence for your law firm.

The Marketing 360 law firm marketing software offers a range of different tools that can help you become the go-to law firm in your community.

First, get found on more than 50 of the most popular local sites, directories and apps with the Marketing 360 Listings app. This listings management software makes it easy to optimize and update all of your listings quickly and easily.

Plus, you can build a strong reputation and become the highest-rated law firm in your community with the Marketing 360 Reputation app. This can help you get found on local listing sites and build trust with potential leads before you even talk to them.


The Marketing 360 law firm marketing platform has everything an attorney needs to manage and grow their business and drive high-quality law firm leads.

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