Effortlessly Accept Payments Through Gravity Forms with the Payments App by Marketing 360®

The Marketing 360® Payments app by Madwire®, used by small business owners, agencies, and larger enterprises, is now available as a plugin for Gravity Forms. This plugin will allow any SMB using Gravity Forms to take advantage of Marketing 360's Payments app and all the powerful tools that come with it.

Through the Marketing 360 Payments app, business owners are able to leverage easy and secure payment processing by being able to accept and manage payments from anywhere, anytime —in-store, in-person, online, or on the go, and now, through a Gravity Forms plugin. The Payments app not only allows business owners to accept payments, but it also allows them to send invoices and set up recurring subscription payments, all through one, easy-to-use dashboard.

"The Marketing 360 Payments app is a game changer for busy SMBs that need a better and more efficient way to sell products and accept payments online," said Marketing 360 CMO, Jerry Kelly. "With this plugin for Gravity Forms, we are able to open up Marketing 360 Payments to many more businesses."

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