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A New View & A Review: Madwire 2017 in Motion

Madwire offers online marketing solutions designed to help small businesses profit from their internet presence.  After 8 years in business we know where we’ve been and where we’re going – and exactly who we can help the most.

Hindsight and foresight.  Review and planning.  A wise man once said You can’t know where you’re going unless you know where you’ve been.

Madwire reviews what we’ve done – everyday is a fresh look. We plan for the internet landscape as it is today – and evolves tomorrow.

After eight years of process reviews and solution upgrades, we know who our ideal client is.  See if this sounds like you:

  • You’re a small business but you need a sizable internet advertising presence.
  • You’re a local business who’s increasingly reliant on internet searches for lead-generation..
  • You want to know more about your target audience so you can refine your advertising message.
  • You’re confused by how internet marketing changes and have difficulty getting a handle on it.
  • All of this is important enough that you need a designated marketing team, but your business is not large enough to hire it in house.

If any (or all) of the above sound like you, then Madwire is your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

After reviewing internet marketing for the last 8 years, Madwire knows:

  • You don’t stumble upon website conversions.  You design and refine for them until you get optimal numbers.
  • You have to differentiate yourself.  Online marketing is competitive. You must give people a compelling reason to pick you.
  • First-impressions count.  If you don’t come across as professional and trustworthy, you may lose your chance to win the business – in just a matter of seconds.
  • Guessing is bush-league. You must use data if you want to move from good to great.
  • Search marketing takes time.  Getting top positions, the best traffic, and maximum conversions takes sustained effort.  This is not an overnight solution, and it’s not a good fit for businesses built on short-term planning.
  • Simplicity works.  All else considered, keeping it simple works better for you and your target audience.

Last, we discovered that marketing software is useful, and human insight is crucial.  But it’s the combination of the two that creates superior marketing campaigns.

There are marketing companies out there that offer software tools, but leave you to figure them out yourself.  Others provide consultancy, but no tools to support their process.

We developed the Marketing 360® solution as a hybrid of these two.  You get one, easy to understand platform for all data and management, and one, passionate marketing professional to guide you to success.

And we built this so a small business can profit from their online marketing.

After all, if that’s not happening, what’s the point?

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